Peace agents

Peace Agents is a program that’s hard to find outside of Ponts per la Pau. In fact, it’s the raison d’être of this entity: the tireless pursuit of peace. Peace Agents is a training of trainees’ program for peace.

We work in the most vulnerable populations, ensuring education and fostering values of peace, offering opportunities for personal development.

Ultimately, we aim for these individuals to autonomously replicate these values and establish their own network of peace agents. This activity is a formidable tool for terrorism prevention and violence since terrorism thrives on lack of opportunities and poverty. Ponts per la Pau demonstrates that it’s possible to fight and win without weapons.

Join our cause and make a real impact

Make a donation to our projects!

With €5, you can provide a student with the necessary educational materials for one month.

With €10, you can purchase enough sewing material to support the economic independence of an entrepreneurial woman and the economic development of her community.

With €15, we can acquire 5 new books for our reading clubs and libraries for women.

With €20, we can obtain enough medication and sanitary pads for a woman for 30 days.